Dr.Subhash Kak

Dr. Subhash C. Kak is a highly praised academician at the Louisiana State University, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, in Los Angeles. He is at present in the designation of Professor Emeritus. Dr. Kak had been associated with the Louisiana State University or LSA from the year 1979, the year when he joined the institution. From that very year by the means of his perseverance and pursuit of knowledge he has gained wide reputation both among the students and the educationists in and outside of the university. This has been found through his elegant contributions in various fields of his discipline. The most prominent of them are his works in the areas of wireless, data security, neural networks, information technology, and quantum information processing. However, along with this his significant research work in the fields of neural networks concentrating on instantaneously trained neural networks (INNs) and their applications to prediction, data compression, and communications have been highly acclaimed. The research interests of Dr. Kak happens to be in wireless, communications, neural networks, quantum information processing.