1. To guide the common populace in having a spiritually powerful, happy and goal oriented life style through reports, communications, videos, expert sessions, workshops and discussions both in person and through internet blogging.

2. To provide audio-visual guides on meditation and Yoga. Daily life style products, from all over the world, which help in creating such a lifestyle would be made available at the least possible price.

3. To become the ultimate one stop shop for information on holistic medicine on a scientific basis.


What is Vedanta Today?

Vedanta Today, a virtual corporate organization, provides a scientific and rational view of the ancient Vedic philosophy, and amidst our stressful daily life, guides in implementing this knowledge to help lead a blissful disease free existence. Vedanta Today is a conglomerate that helps propounding the scientific concepts of healthy, wholesome and spiritual living.

The ultimate goal of any scientific knowledge is its application in making life easier, and thereby benefits mankind at large. When we consider Vedas as source of knowledge, the term Vedanta can be translated as application of the Vedic wisdom to enhance the life and refers to the teachings of the Upanishads, constituting the final section of the Vedas. Vedanta Today focuses on bringing the fundamental aspects of Vedanta to the main stream modern life and helping organizations to do the research on the same.

It brings to the forefront landmark research going on in different parts of the world in these subjects and its role in modern day existence. This portal in a nutshell, acts as a virtual think tank to assimilate research and knowledge of Vedanta and spread it for the good of mankind bereft of any political and religious influences.

The ancient monks and sages who lived in India thousands of years back had learnt, through their practice of meditation and yoga, the secret of harnessing natural power to achieve unthinkable goals while at the same time not stressing themselves in to having diseases both mental and physical as is rampant today. The physiological and spiritual benefits of Yoga and meditation are now well known on both sides of the world. Vedanta Today intends to bring this esoteric eastern knowledge to the western world for the first time.

Who are we?

The Vedanta-Today group is a worldwide consortium of Vedic scholars, philosophers,technologists, experts and practitioners of oriental medicine, western medicine trained Physicians, healers, and other professionals. Our philosophy is "sarvE janAH sukhinO bhavantu" – "Let every one stay comfortable, healthy and prosperous".

The website provides latest news on healthy living; new ways of staying disease-free and also advocates environmentally friendly technologies. It is the daily friend; philosopher and guide who can help us achieve the state of existence that is powerful and productive and simultaneously happy and satisfying.
Vedanta Today guides people through meditation, yoga, pranayama and other powerful techniques that help build a powerful mind and a healthy body now capable of taking all the ravages of modern day existence without even a slight blemish.

It holds “meditation weekends” and “calmness picnics” that hinges on friendly networking without the stress of competition and creates an environment that potentate a healthy and happy living. These community gatherings promote mind power building for kids and adults making them more adept in facing current day stresses.

Finally, Vedanta Today is the organizer of the annual American Vedanta Congress, where some of the most famous names in the world of science, culture and philosophy would meet on one platform and through their lectures and seminars shall explain the ancient powerful system of Vedanta so that it can be followed for a flawless, disease free but goal oriented experience.

“Take up thy bow, the Upanishad, a mighty weapon,
Fit in thine arrow sharpened by devotion,
Stretch it on thought allied with resoluteness-
This is the target, friend,
the Imperishable. Pierce it!”

- Mundaka Upanishad